MinerGate Features

MinerGate service give you the most profit while mining several cryptocurrencies.

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Multi Pool & Smart Mining

You can choose which coins to mine, out of the 15+ cryptocurrencies. The software choose the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine. It will switch between currencies to maximize your profit.


Hardware Intensity

You can choose between CPU or GPU or both and how many cores you want to use from each. This is an easy and effective way to manage the heat and electricity produced by your hardware.


Web Mining

You don’t need to download the desktop software. MinerGate lets you use your internet bandwidth to mine cryptocurrencies in the website.


Calculator & Tracking

Track your hourly, daily, or weekly profits using MinerGate’s calculator.



Discover how your hardware stacks up against other miners.


Reward Badge

If you collect all MinerGate badges, you win a prize. Badges are awarded for achieving different feats as a miner.