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MinerGate Features

  • Multi Pool

    You can choose which coins to mine, out of the 15+ cryptocurrencies.

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  • Smart Mining

    The software choose the most profitable cryptocurrency to mine. It will switch to maximize your profit.

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  • Hardware Intensity

    You can choose between CPU or GPU or both and how many cores you want to use from each.

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  • Administrator Mining Software

    Mine to a specific MinerGate account without actually needing to access that miner’s wallet.

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  • Web Mining

    MinerGate lets you use your internet bandwidth to mine cryptocurrencies in the website.

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  • Calculator & Tracking

    Track your hourly, daily, or weekly profits using MinerGate’s calculator.

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  • Benchmark

    Discover how your hardware stacks up against other miners.

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  • Reward Badge

    Win a prize! Badges are awarded for achieving different feats as a miner.

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How it works

Minergate lets you mine coins with the highest exchange rate, which means you get the most profit from your computing power. MinerGate supports about 12 different cryptocurrencies.

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