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The Best Bitcoin Mining Software that You Can Use 2018

In this post, I’m going to sharing your list of best, safe and secure for Bitcoin Mining Software and resources to grab them.

At first, you need to know the basic.

Solo miner: the mining software connects your Bitcoin miner to the blockchain.

Mine with a pool: the software will connect you to your mining pool.

Cloud mining: you do not need mining software.

Importance of Bitcoin Mining Software

Bitcoin Wallets:

There are several Bitcoin wallets, but these are the software we recommend if you would like to just start out now:

Ledger Nano S – Secure Bitcoin hardware wallet for all platforms.

Electrum – Simple Bitcoin wallet that works on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Mycelium – The most popular Bitcoin wallet on Android.

breadwallet – The most popular Bitcoin wallet for iOS.

Bitcoin Mining Software for Windows:

  1. Bitcoin Miner
  2. BTCMiner
  3. CGMiner
  4. BFGMiner
  5. EasyMiner

Bitcoin Mining Software for Linux:

  1. CGMiner
  2. BFGMiner
  3. EasyMiner

Bitcoin Mining Software for Mac OS X:

  1. RPC Miner

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